11 Things to Avoid After Hair Transplant Surgery

hair transplant surgery

Just Had a Hair Transplant? Make Sure You Avoid These Things

Although a hair transplant as a surgery is minimally invasive, it is a surgery nonetheless. As a result, you will need to take follow certain precautionary measures and avoid certain things. This will help you avoid complications and will also increase your chances of getting optimum results. Read on to find out the to 11 things to avoid after hair transplant surgery.

The hair transplant procedure has become one of the most effective and popular solutions for hair loss in recent times. It can restore your hair permanently whether you are suffering from baldness, thinning, alopecia or hair loss due to an injury or burn. Moreover, the results look natural enough to blend seamlessly with your existing hair.

Having said that, the aftercare period requires you to take certain precautions and avoid certain things, especially in the first few weeks to achieve the best results. So let’s look at eleven such things that you should avoid after a hair transplant surgery.

1. Avoid washing hair at least for the first 48 hours

The newly transplanted hair follicles need careful protection in the crucial first stages of recovery. Hence, you should avoid washing your hair for at least 48 hours after the procedure.

2. Do not sleep flat or on your tummy or side

To prevent swelling in the initial few days after the surgery, your surgeon will most certainly advise to sleep with the head at an angle of 45-degree instead of flat, on your tummy or side.

3. Do not apply ice directly to the scalp

Applying ice is a popular way to prevent swelling. However, touching the transplanted is a strict no for the first 72 hours at least.

4. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for too long

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may damage the underlying tissues and hair follicles that are yet to heal. Use a hat or sunscreen with SPF of at least 30, once the incisions have fully healed.

5. Avoid strenuous activities

Engaging in strenuous activities will increase your blood pressure and heart rate, which is undesirable until the risk of swelling has subsided. Thus, avoid heavy physical activities for several days.

6. Avoid excessive sweating

As well as heavy physical exercises, any activity that causes you to sweat excessively will increase the risk of infection.

7. Avoid dyes and styling products

The harsh chemicals in hair dyes and styling products can damage your transplanted follicles. These follicles are in an incredibly fragile state for several weeks after the surgery.

8. Avoid dehydration

Staying hydrated is more important than you know. It can significantly speed up your entire recovery process. It is advisable to make a conscious effort to drink 10% more water than usual.

9. Avoid an unhealthy diet

Proper nutrition is almost as important as adequate hydration to aid your recovery process. Moreover, your new hair will need lots of nutrients for healthy growth. Hence, avoid an unhealthy diet.

10. Avoid smoking and alcohol

Alcohol leads to dehydration and slows down the recovery process. Moreover, both smoking and alcohol will affect your blood flow which is crucial for optimal recovery.

11. Do not forget the scheduled follow up appointments

It is imperative not to miss your follow up appointments with your surgeon as everybody’s healing time is different and it helps them to ensure that there is nothing unusual about your recovery.

As we already know, a hair transplant is a minor surgery with minimal invasion, but it is a surgery nevertheless. Moreover, what’s the point of undergoing such a life-changing procedure, if you do not get the desired results? Thus, taking proper precautions, sticking to the prescribed aftercare routine and avoiding the things mentioned above, is vital if you want to achieve the results that you expected from the surgery.

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