Best Men’s Hair Regrowth: Expecting Fuller Hair

Hair Regrowth Treatment for Men
Dear men, do you notice your receding hairline as the first thing in the mirror? Well, don't worry. We have a guide for hair regrowth treatment for men.

Yes, male androgenetic alopecia (MAA) is indeed the most common form of hair loss in men. Equally important, it affects 30-50% of men by age 50. But buckle up gentlemen; it’s time to reclaim your mojo.

Read this guide for practical tips and tricks to improve your hair health and style.

What Causes Hair Loss in Men?

Male pattern hair loss is worrisome. Especially if it starts happening in your teens or late twenties. Here are a few reasons behind hair fall in men:

  • Genetic hair loss
  • Medical history
  • Stress
  • Treatments and medication
  • Injuries
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Smoking, liquor consumption
  • Aging
  • Harsh hair care habits

Some of the Best Hair Regrowth Treatment for Men

Few hair regrowth treatments have shown promising results in clinical trials or anecdotal reports. Let’s discuss them in detail:

Laser Therapy

Research has proven that low-level laser therapy is safe and effective for hair growth. Given its efficacy, this procedure may work differently for patients. But yes, unlike hair transplants, they are non-invasive and painless.

Hair Transplant

Besides Laser therapy, you can also opt for hair transplant procedures. A hair transplant is a surgical process that moves hair from one place to another on your head. You can go for follicular unit transplantation or follicular unit extraction based on your case type. Consult your specialist regarding the same.

Note: You can also go for platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or microneedling to get your hair back after consulting your Dermatologist.

Best Hair Regrowth Products for Men

Here are two clinically proven treatments for hair loss in men:


It is a potential teratogen. This prevents conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Note that High levels of DHT can result in hair fall shrinking and shorten hair growth cycles. Finasteride prevents further hair loss and can help regrow hair in the scalp’s front, top, and crown areas.


It is a topical solution or foam applied to the scalp twice daily. It works in Androgenetic alopecia (AGA) by:

  • Prolonging anagen
  • Shortening telogen, and
  • Enlarging miniaturised follicles

Minoxidil provides enough nutrients to the hair follicles, boosting their growth.

Quick Tip: Consult your doctor before taking any of the medications above, given their side effects in some cases. Also, combining them with a healthy lifestyle enhances their effectiveness.

Hair Regrowth Products for Men

Tips for Hair Regrowth for Men Naturally

It’s crucial to nourish your scalp to have smooth hair regrowth. Along with understanding home remedies for hair growth, here are some more tips for managing hair loss:


Try to manage your stress-induced hair fall and cope with your emotions healthily.

Additionally, go for a scalp massage a few times weekly. This will help in stimulating blood flow. Use essential oils. They improve your scalp using properties like:

  • Moisturizing
  • Nourishing
  • Antibacterial
  • Antifungal
  • Cleansing
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant

Quick Enlightenment: Addressing stress through meditation can positively impact mental well-being and hair health.

Enhancing Lifestyle

Your lifestyle choice impacts your hair health a lot. Do thirty minutes of quick workouts five times a week or more to manage weight loss and hair loss to some extent. Additionally, try to stay hydrated and have a healthy liquid intake.

Also, focus on what you eat. Have a healthy diet. It must be rich in protein, iron, zinc, biotin, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, and vitamin E.

Knowledge Zone: Go for hair masks like aloe vera hair masks in your hair care regimen for DIY hair loss treatment for men and see the magic happening.

Hair Regrowth Treatment for Men: Bottom Line

Remember that there’s no no-size-fits-all solution for the best men’s hair regrowth treatment. Whatever works for you may not be suitable for others. Hence, experiment and consult specialists (don’t be shy). Find the combination that will make your scalp and hair happy along with boosting your confidence.

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