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When Can I Wash My Hair Normally After Hair Transplant?
A burning question that clings to your comb along with stubborn flakes on your scalp! But do you consider it the real culprit behind the hair loss? Not really, there is always another side of the coin.
Does brushing hair stimulate hair growth?
Biofibre hair implants are quickly gaining popularity for their medical biocompatibility and great looks. Initially launched in the 1980s, synthetic hair transplant was banned by the FDA due to unsafe and aggressive procedures.
Widows peak is a peculiar hairstyle that gets its name from a 18th century practice where widows wore a particular hat of the same style. Anyone starting to develop the widows peak hairstyle must take quick action and prevent it from causing further damage.
Hair transplant is one of the most effective treatments for hair loss, receding hairlines, widows peak hairline, and hair loss patches. Technological advancements are now delivering life-changing results to individuals with hair loss. When discussing the potential method for hair transplant, most individuals are stuck between FUT vs FUE. The critical difference between FUT and FUE is scarring.
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