11 Things to Avoid After Hair Transplant Surgery

Although a hair transplant as a surgery is minimally invasive, it is a surgery nonetheless. As a result, you will need to take follow certain precautionary measures and avoid certain things. This will help you avoid complications and will also increase your chances of getting optimum results. Read on to find out the to 11 things to avoid after hair transplant surgery.

Essential Things to Know Before Opting For Hair Transplant

By going for a hair transplant, you are making a life-changing decision. While the results are definitely worth it, the investment is considerable. So, it is better to be thoroughly informed before going for the transplant. It will provide you with much-required confidence. So below are some of the things that you should know before opting for a hair transplant. Read on.

Myths and Facts about Male Pattern Baldness

Fostering false information regarding a health condition – cosmetic or otherwise – can lead to unnecessary mental stress. It can also have us make certain wrong decisions while managing it or getting it treated. So just as with several other conditions, there are lots of myths surrounding Male Pattern Baldness that needs debunking. Here, we have done just that and have also revealed the truths.