Celebrities Hair Transplant: Success Stories at Zestige

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Celebrities Hair Transplant: Before & After Journey

Celebrity culture has led to increased awareness and exposure of hair transplants and the results that can be achieved. This has made hair transplants more mainstream and socially acceptable. Checkout hair transplant before after celebrity success stories from Zestige Private Clinic.

If you’re searching for a reputable celebrity hair transplant firm in the United Kingdom, you’ve reached the perfect spot. At Zestige, we have extensive expertise in providing high-quality outcomes when it comes to hair transplant for men, including many celebrities who are always in the public spotlight. While celebrities are more likely to need a hair transplant for professional reasons, everyone may benefit from a hair transplant. Whether you’re a celebrity or not, it’s always nice to feel that your confidence levels are rising!

Famous Celebrity Hair Transplants at Zestige

Zestige has collaborated with well-known faces from the entertainment, sports, and reality television sectors, among others. Results speak for themselves and we can claim with a sense of accomplishment that we have been successful in boosting the confidence of a great number of individuals in their everyday lives. Following is the list of success stories of hair transplant before and after for celebrities who trusted Zestige for renewed confidence in their lives.

Liam Livingstone

Liam Livingstone is a professional cricketer who represents Lancashire and the England cricket team. The shape of his hairline was something that had always bothered him. He was self-conscious about his receding hairline and sparse crown.

To advance and fill in the frontal area, he needed an FUE hair transplant, and then he needed Zestige’s unique prescribed hair retention strategy. This would guarantee that Liam’s worries would be addressed, and it would also provide the best possible, most convincingly natural-looking outcome. 

Liam Livingstone’s self-assurance has soared since his hair transplant at Zestige in March 2020, and his career has followed suit. Liam is thankful to his fellow England players for recommending him to attend Zestige and stated to us that his choice to get a hair transplant has had a profound impact on his life. Want the same results as Liam”s? Talk to our hair loss consultant today.

Read about Liam Livingstone’s Hair Transplant Success.

Kal Naismith

Kai Naismith's Hair Transplant 

Professional footballer Kal Naismith has earned acclaim in both his native England and Scotland. Formerly of Rangers FC, he is now with Bristol City in the Championship. After experiencing severe hair loss, especially in the front, Kal opted to have a full-head transplant in May of 2021. Kal felt his charisma and self-assurance were diminished due to his hair loss.

For Kal, his hair care issues need to be considered in the context of the long term. The density of Kal’s transplanted hair needed to match the density of the rest of his head since it had been seen that he had adequate coverage on the back and sides of his scalp. This was accomplished by transplanting hair follicles in a pattern that mimicked the density and growth pattern of his natural hair. Pictures don’t do justice to the dramatic difference that Kal Naismith’s hair transplant has made in his life. As he left Luton Town FC with a newfound sense of self-assurance, he was named the club’s “Championship Player of the Year 2021/2022.”

Have a look at Kai Naismith’s Hair Transplant Success.

Lewis Wing

Lewis Wing’s Hair Transplant Lewis Wing’s Hair Transplant Lewis Wing’s Hair Transplant

Lewis Wing is a professional footballer who plays for Wycombe Wanderers as an attacking midfielder. Lewis visited Zestige after suffering from a significantly receding hairline in the front and thinning hair in the middle of his head. Other colleagues of his who had previously had treatment referred him to Zestige.

Lewis had a hair transplant using the FUE technique, and then he was put on Zestige’s own hair retention programme once the procedure was completed. After 18 months, Lewis has noticed that his hair is becoming thicker and fuller, and he is pleased with the outcome and has gone on to become an important player for Wycombe after his hair restoration process.

Check out Lewis Wing’s Hair Transplant Success Story.

James Vince

James Vince's Hair Transplant James Vince's Hair Transplant James Vince's Hair Transplant

James spends a lot of time playing cricket at the highest level for his nation and his club team, Hampshire County Cricket Club, as well as in other major tournaments like the Big Bash League (BBL). James visited Zestige for an evaluation after noticing thinning in the front of his hairline. After meeting with one of our experts, he gained insight into the FUE hair transplant process and gained confidence that the treatment may help him recover to his pre-hair-loss state.

One of our expert specialists conducted a hair transplant on James Vince over a single day to give him a fuller, more natural hairline. As is the case with many patients, he didn’t experience any discomfort throughout the surgery since the region was numbed. James was always a self-assured guy who didn’t let his hair loss hold him back, but once he started seeing results, he felt more secure than ever. He was able to view the areas where the transplanted hair had been placed immediately after the treatment, giving him an indication of how his hair would eventually appear, and he was able to see the incredible final results 10 months later.

Read about James Vince’s Hair Transplant Success.

Wrapping Up

Looking for the best hair transplant in London? Over a decade, we have offered an exceptional level of service to our clients, making it our mission to ensure that they are pleased with the outcomes of our work without breaking the bank. Be sure to get in contact with one of our friendly members of staff if you have any questions about how to get started with your own hair transplant adventure. Schedule a free consultation with our experts today and see how Zestige can give you Real Life Confidence.

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