Chris Evans Hair Transplant : Decode About His Hair Loss Journey

Chris Evans Hair Transplant
Over the years, Chris Evans's fans have been curious if their favourite actor had a hair transplant or not. Some believe Evans did use some surgical help for his receding hairline, whereas others believe he might have done hair growth treatment to get his hair back on the balding spots.

However, Chris neither confirmed nor denied having a producer done. Let’s discuss in detail the transformation the actor had and what treatment he might have done to get his good hair back on his head!

Chris Evans Hair Transplant

Chris Evans Hair Timeline

Christopher Robert Evans, aka Chris Evans, was born in 1981 in Boston, Massachusetts. The actor began his career with TV series, and at the age of 19, he switched to movies. After five years, Chris had his major career break in 2005’s Fantastic Four.

Early Years & Puberty

Chris Evans Hair Transplant

During his childhood age, he had a full head of hair with partial bangs. After his puberty, Chris began to wear short hairstyles, showing more of his face.

Chris Evans Hair Transplant

As you can see in the above picture, he did have a widows peak hairline in his teenage years; there are no signs of hairline recession.

The First Signs Of Chris’s Hair Loss

In 2004, Chris started to show signs of balding and hair thinning, especially after he had shorter hair than before.  It’s visible that the density started to lose from his frontal areas, leading to an M-shaped hairline.

Chris Evans Hair Transplant

Also, usually around this time or better before, going through some natural remedies for hair loss can really help. Not sure whether Chris tried that!

More Signs & Hair Loss in 2011

The actor himself announced his hair loss in 2011.  At the time, he was 29 and worried about his image as Captain America. In an interview, Chris commented he fears his role as Captain America can span over 10 years, and he will be 40. But his hair loss will make him a less superior human for the role. The actor further added how horrible it would be if Captain America had a male pattern baldness.

Chris Evans Hair Transplant

Chris Evans Hair Transplant

Chris might have done a natural-looking hair transplant to cover the hair’s baldness. Male pattern baldness often has an impressive response to such treatment. Also, it is a simpler way to hide the hair thinning.

His hair transplant technique can be done by using an FUE hair transplant. It has almost impossible traces unless you are an expert. Chris might have done multiple hair transplants using the Unshaven FUE method.

The actor also experienced mild androgenic alopecia involving his temple recession and frontal thinning.  To make his scalp look fuller and his hairline straight, 1500 hair grafts might have been used for the hair transplant.

Chris Evans Hair Transplant: Before And After

His hair transplant was in public speculation for many years, especially when his extremely defined M-shaped hairline turned into a straight hairline with no widow’s peak.

Chris Evans Hair Transplant

In 2024, his hair has some visible frontal recession and is higher than previously. It might be due to his front hair shedding that might have caught up with the temporal recession. It is not sure whether this was a shedding phase after hair transplant kind of thing or not.

Chris Evans Hair Transplant

But even at the age of 42, the actor didn’t have any sign of balding on his crown area. As per Norwood Stage 3, he has maintained his hair stage for more than a decade.

Other Celebrities Who Have Underwent Hair Transplant Surgery

Callum Scott

Callum Scott, son of footballer George Best, has had a hair transplant in Turkey. He even made a public announcement of completing 3 hair transplants so far.

Declan Donnelly

Declan is a British actor, television presenter and former singer. He has been rumoured to improve his hair loss using Propecia, a hair growth tablet that converts testosterone into DHT.

Brian McFadden

Pop Star Brian publically admitted his hair receding was making him less confident. To get his hair back, he did a hair transplant in which thousands of hair were transplanted from the back of his scalp and re-implemented in the frontal hairline.

Jack P Shepherd

Cornotatn Street fame Jack also did an FUE hair transplant to save his hair from thinning. He even shared on his social media how hair loss started to take a toll on his mental health.

John Travolta

The Pulp Fiction fame actor John has changed several hairstyles throughout his career. The actor appeared in a shaved head, showing his hair receding. But in his latest photos, John has a much lower and straighter hairline, suggesting he might have had hair surgery.

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