Does Brushing Hair Stimulate Hair Growth? Let’s Find Out the Tangled Truth

Does Brushing Hair Stimulate Hair Growth
Does brushing hair stimulate hair growth?

If you are struggling with this question, you are at the right place to seek rational and professional answers.

We all are aware of the age-old mantra – 100 brush strokes a day to keep them shiny and luscious. But before you get influenced by any random thing, it’s time to break some myths and get scientific answers.

Hence, read this blog to get your answers strand by strand. You will get your doubts cleared, including hair fall remedies for hair growth.

The Science Behind Brushing Hair

First things first.

Research has shown that you don’t need 100 strokes a day to keep your hair healthy. Well, it’s just a myth. The more you brush, the more you experience hair loss. You can do gentle brushing two times a day – one in the morning and one before sleep- for better scalp exfoliation.

Does Brushing Your Hair Stimulate Hair Growth?

There is no significant and direct association between brushing and hair growth. You must have heard of a common suggestion that brushing helps distribute natural oil throughout the scalp, but there is no such evidence. Moreover, what if the follicles have already stopped producing hair? Think rationally!

Furthermore, if you are thinking: Does dry shampoo cause hair loss, you need to consult your doctor at once. This is because brushing gently can promote a healthy scalp and potentially hair growth. However, proper hair care involves a holistic approach.

Brushing hair will not magically make them grow. However, it may play a crucial role in maintaining overall hair health. And do not overbrush. It will only ruin the hair quality.

Some Brushing Tips for Hair Care

  • Avoid any pulling and tight tugging.
  • Choose a wide-tooth comb gently on your hair.
  • Try to use a wooden comb or a good-quality brush.
  • Let your hair dry in the open, and do not brush it while wet.
  • If you have tangled hair, remove it gently. Don’t be harsh. Furthermore, you can use a moisturising conditioner to detangle your hair.

Quick Enlightenment – For textured hair or tight curls, you can brush them while they are damp using a wide-tooth comb.

Beyond the Brush Growth – A Holistic Approach for Healthier Hair

Here are some essential tips and tricks to follow for better hair growth naturally:

Beyond the Brush Growth

Take a Healthy and Balanced Diet

A healthy, balanced diet rich in minerals, iron, vitamin D, and biotin will nourish your scalp and hair in the long run. Moreover, if you are taking supplements for hair growth or overall body development, consult your doctor first. For instance, Creatine and hair loss have been a recent heated debate that needs your undivided attention if you are consuming it regularly.

Minimal or No Stress

Stress-induced hair loss is real, and the catch here is managing stress. You must practise stress-management techniques like deep breathing, mindfulness, and meditation to keep your cortisol levels in check.


Water and healthy liquid intake help keep the strands supple and provide good hydration to the overall hair health, preventing any breakage and boosting hair growth in men and women.


Exercising stimulates every part. Be it muscle building or weight loss, when you practise regular workouts, including yoga and stretching, the blood circulation increases, which impacts the scalp’s health, leading to quality hair growth.

Knowledge Zone: Remedies for hair growth, including hot oil massage, can boost hair health.

The Bottom Line: Does Brushing Hair Stimulate Growth?

To conclude, brushing is important for hair health but does not stimulate hair growth. By brushing hair often, you can keep it in good condition and prevent any breakage resulting from dry, brittle hair.

Brushing the hair right with a suitable comb will help keep your scalp and hair healthy.

There’s always more to the details. Hence, get in touch with experts now to know the exact nitty-gritty of hair growth and brushing. They will guide you perfectly and professionally.

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