Harry Kane Hair Transplant: Did He Underwent The Surgery?

Harry Kane Hair Transplant
One of the most prolific footballers and captains of the England football team, Harry Kane, seemed to go through a subtle yet significant hair transformation. So, naturally, it begs the question! Is the speculation around Harry Kane hair transplant true?

Since he never publicly revealed or agreed upon it, let’s examine his hair loss journey. And evaluate all the hairstyle changes over the years to figure out.

Harry Kane Hair Transplant Timeline

Pre-2015: Younger Harry Kane

Right from his early days, Harry Kane started to show hair loss signs. In the photo below, he is just 17, and you can clearly spot the signs of early-state male pattern baldness.

Harry Kane Hair Transplant

2015- 2018: Slick-Back Hair Style

As Kane gained success, he started having more of a slicked-back hairstyle. And it soon became his signature look.

Over these years, there has been a gradual progression in his hair loss. It is clearly visible at his temples.

The hairline receded and deepened from both sides; however, more on the left temple. As a result, he used to have a slightly uneven hairline in these years.

By the end of 2018, his hair loss progression led to the Norwood scale’s Stage 3, as you can see in the above picture.

Harry Kane Hair Transplant

2021: Harry Kane Hair Transplant

The photo below shows how much Harry Kane’s hair transplant became essential in 2021. He even lost his hair density at this point. Harry certainly seems to be suffering from male hair thinning as well.

Harry Kane Hair Transplant

Comparing his hairline and overall density from the photos above and below, there is a significant change.

However, it won’t be enough to be sure about Harry Kane hair transplant. Still, the most logical explanation does hint at some kind of hair treatment.

Harry Kane Hair Transplant

2022-2023: Change In Hair Style And Density

In late 2022, Harry Kane hair style started changing. If you look at his hairline in his recent interviews or matches, his temple hair loss is barely visible.

Harry Kane Hair Transplant

Look at these images above to catch his new hairstyle. Since this look goes best for people with hair loss around the temples, it is hard to say whether he had a hair transplant or not.

Harry Kane Hair Transplant

Then, if you see him in World Cup 2022, his hairline gets straighter with even hair distribution at both his temples. Also, there is far more hair density. There is strong chance that he must have tried some hair loss treatment for men.

Harry Kane Hair Transplant: Before And After

The photos above clearly demonstrate Harry Kane’s before and after hair transplant appearance. You can see extremely deepened hair loss at both of his temples, making a thinning crown at the top-front.

In his recent pictures, he has more density and hair strength. The receding hairline is restored to some extent. Also, an even hair distribution at both his temples.

Harry Kane Hair Transplant

Other Celebrities Who Have Underwent Hair Transplant Surgery

Harry Kane is just one of the many celebrities who apparently went for hair transplant surgery. Some tend to agree or be upfront about it, whereas others are more secretive and subtle. Here are a few of them!

Jimmy Carr

The British-Irish comedian Jimmy Carr was among those celebrities who were open about his hair transplant surgery. He revealed this during an interview in June 2020.

Prince Charles

The inherited Royal baldness genes or stress induced hair loss? Prince Harry and Prince William both suffer from it. However, Prince Charles’s hair seems to be intact. Speculated, but not confirmed whether he went through a hair transplant or not.

Chris Evans

It is to be believed that Captain America, aka Chris Evans, also went through a subtle hair transplant surgery using the unshaven FUE method.

Donnie Wahlberg

The singer Donnie Wahlberg had been bald for more than a decade and certainly went through a hair transplant surgery. He has been using Toupee for quite long now.

Lewis Hamilton

Racing car driver Lewis Hamilton had gone through a dramatic hair transformation over the years. With a noticeable receding hairline in 2008 to long hairs in recent years is evident of hair transplant surgery, even if he denies it publicly.

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