Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant : Explore His Hair Loss Journey

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant
Many celebrities struggle with hair loss, and Jamie Foxx is one of them. Where more and more celebrities are addressing the issues, rumors like the truth behind Jamie Foxx's hair transplant are surfacing on the internet.

To know more about the rumor and how much truth it holds, let’s dig deeper into Jamie Foxx’s hair loss and his journey to regain his confidence as well as his looks.

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant

Jamie Foxx Hair Timeline

Eric Marto Bishop, aka Jamie Foxx, was born on December 13, 1987. He is a famous American singer, actor, and comedian.

The actor gained popularity and was acclaimed as one of the best actors after winning the BAFTA, Academy Awards, Screen Actor Guild, and Golden Globe Awards.

During His Young Age

Foxx was born in Terrell, Texas, and as you see in the given photo, he had a healthy-looking hairline and afro hair at a young age.

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant

After The Debute and 80s

The actor debuted in 1992, with his first role in Toys. In 1999, Fox appeared in Any Given Sunday. During the late 80s, Jamie switched his hair too much shorter and sharper-looking hairstyles. However, it still had an afro look.

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant

Hair Loss Signs In 90s

However, his hairline started to recede, showing the first sign of hair loss in the ’90s. Given the photos during the era, the actor appeared to be struggling with lesser volume in his hair.

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant

More Hair Loss & Receding Hairline

In the 2000’s era, Foxx’s hairline receding was visible to everyone. He started to have more hair thinning with Widow’s peak hairline.

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant

While hair receding in men is a common occurrence, especially during the age of 20-the 30s, Foxx hairline was forming a high straight line and diminishing on the temple area.

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant

After The Hair Surgery

Later in his appearances and photos, the actor’s hair started to appear more thicker. Also, in his recent pictures, the frontal hair seems to get thick and dense, matching the density of the rest of the head. There are also no hair transplant side effects visible as well.

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant

To the untrained eye, it might be difficult to determine the truth behind Jamie Foxx hair transplant. But in the photo above, you can see the change in his hairline and density.

If Jamie did have a transplant, it would be some type of hair restoration treatment, possibly Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

The procedure involves removing hair follicles directly from the scalp with a special tool. Then, these follicles are transplanted to the affected area.

Given Foxx’s afro-textured hair, he might have used an experienced surgeon in an Afro-FUE hair transplant.

There is a debate about whether Jamie Foxx went through a FUE vs FUT hair transplant as well.

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant: Before & After

Many celebs have options for hair solutions like FUE and other treatments. While some are quite vocal about it, some keep it secret. Foxx never publically confirmed the rumours of his hair transplant, but he didn’t deny it either.

But as the changes in the hairline and hair colour can be seen, there may be some truth behind Jamie Foxx’s hair transplant.

Jamie Foxx Hair Transplant

Other Celebrities Who Underwent Hair Transplant Surgery

Prince William

The Prince of Wales also suffered from hair loss since he was an adult. While it seems to be genetic, the prince might have some hair surgeries to fix his hair loss.

Jack P Shepherd

Jack P. Shepherd is one of the celebrities who openly talked about their hair loss journey. He had suffered from hair thinning, which started to take a toll on his mental health.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano has also been open about his hair treatments and transplant. The athlete gained his young look and confidence by fixing his hair loss issues.

David Beckham

David Beckham is popular for his great contribution to football. However, the athlete had a major hair loss in late 2020. While the news is yet to be confirmed, a lot of people believe he had a hair transplant to fix his hair issues.

Declan Donnelly

British actor Declan has stayed in the public eye throughout his career. It is rumoured that he has used Propecia, a tablet for hair growth and that he has also had hair surgeries.

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