Myths and Facts about Male Pattern Baldness

male pattern baldness

Suffering From Male Pattern Baldness? Here are Some of Myths and Facts To Stay Well-informed

Fostering false information regarding a health condition - cosmetic or otherwise - can lead to unnecessary mental stress. It can also have us make certain wrong decisions while managing it or getting it treated. So just as with several other conditions, there are lots of myths surrounding Male Pattern Baldness that needs debunking. Here, we have done just that and have also revealed the truths.

Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) is one of the most common causes of hair loss among men. In contrast to popular opinion, baldness is not just related to age these days. Other lifestyle factors such as dietary habits, consumption of alcohol and smoking, shampoos and hair styling products with harsh chemicals, etc. also contribute to hair loss in men (and women).

While it is a relatively common issue, there is quite a bit of misinformation surrounding male pattern baldness. So, here in this blog post, we attempt to debunk some of the prominent myths and shed some light on all the truths behind them. Read on.

Myth 1: Only the elders suffer from male pattern baldness

It is a common belief that only older people suffer from hair loss. However, the statement is far from true. Male pattern baldness in fact knows no age.


The truth here is that hair loss can affect an adult individual of any age. Some people start experiencing hair loss as early as in their twenties and thirties as well.

Myth 2: Your mother’s genes are behind your hair loss

It is often believed that your mother’s side of the family determines whether you will go bald or not. Truth be told, it is nothing more than a mare’s nest.


Now though it is true that hair loss is hereditary, you can inherit the baldness trait from either of your parent’s sides. Genetics are never biased.

Myth 3: Wearing hats regularly can cause baldness

Many people assume that if you wear a hat on regular basis, your scalp will not receive enough oxygen, ultimately leading to hair thinning or baldness.


Scientifically speaking, your hair follicles derive the required oxygen from the bloodstream and not the surrounding air. So rest assured, you won’t go bald wearing your favourite hat regularly.

Myth 4: High level of testosterone causes baldness among men

Elevated levels of testosterone are most commonly associated with baldness among men. However, the amount of hair on your head has no connection to the testosterone in your bloodstream.


In reality, the main culprit behind male pattern baldness is the higher sensitivity of your hair follicles to a hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).

Myth 5: Stress can be a reason behind permanent hair loss.

Stress and hair loss are often believed to be related. However, this is only partially true. Any level of stress doesn’t affect male pattern baldness.


Traumatic events, anxiety and emotional stress certainly do contribute to hair loss but you must know that the effect is only temporary and never permanent.

Myth 6: Vitamins promote hair growth and can reverse balding

There are quite a few products in the market that claim to promote hair growth because of the presence of certain vitamins in them. It is just a marketing gimmick and far from true.


The strands of hair are actually dead tissue and no amount of these vitamins can affect hair growth. In fact, excess intake of Vitamin E might accelerate hair loss.

Myth 7: Too much shampooing can trigger hair loss.

It is not uncommon for people to associate excessive hair fall during showers with the shampoos they use. Though harsh chemicals do affect hair loss, they are hardly the cause of permanent baldness.


Quality shampoos used in moderation do not cause hair loss. It is perfectly normal and natural for a few hairs to fall as you wash your hair.

So, what we have come to understand here is that there are plenty of rumours doing rounds about the cause of hair loss. Also, finding things on the internet mislead you more often than not. Thus, the solution here is to understand the science behind the matter and educate ourselves.

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