The Best Natural Remedies for Hair Loss Prevention and Treatment

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When men and women face hair loss, they are not just dealing with a medical issue but also making them lose confidence. Hence, addressing hair loss with effective treatment options, at home remedies or through a professional, is necessary to maintain good looks and confidence. Some of the best natural remedies for hair loss include hair massage, using hair masks, and eating a good diet.

You can use oils made from almonds, olive, and coconut for massage. Hair masks made from eggs are highly effective hair fall remedies. Let’s take a deep dive into further details of hair fall treatment at home.

Hair loss

The Menace of Hair Fall and What to Do About It?

Hair loss can take many forms, and an unexpected hair fall, despite having a healthy body, results from alopecia areata. Over 147 million people across the globe suffer from recurrent hair loss. While some experience normal hair loss in shower, others have to deal with disease-induced or genetic hair loss.

Home remedies for hair growth mean you need to work on multiple facets to get back your hair. This includes massaging, using homemade hair masks, and eating the right food.

Hair Fall and What to Do About It

Here are some hair fall remedies to counter hair loss and ensure mens hairline growth.

Proper Hair Care

Effective hair care is essential to prevent hair loss, and you need to adjust your hair care routine according to the type of hair. Don’t fall for myths like washing hair too often can cause hair loss. Another one is blow-drying hair, which can also cause them to lose their grip and fall off.

However, the limited amount of hair that does fall due to washing and blow-drying will grow back.

You need to avoid certain types of hair dye, which can cause hair loss. Coloring treatments have also been known to damage hair. So, proper hair care is one of the foremost hair loss remedies you need to follow.

Hair Care

Hair Massage With Natural Oils

Studies have shown that scalp massage increases hair thickness. A good massage increases the blood flow to the scalp, contributing to good hair health and preventing hair loss.

When massaging hair with the recommended oils, warm them up before use. Hot oil massages act as a treatment for hair loss and breakage.

Heated oil nourishes the hair roots and the heat in the oil allows oil to penetrate the hair strands. Moreover, a hot oil massage is a good natural treatment for hair loss and is suitable for all types of hair.

It will repair the existing damaged hair, reduce split ends, restore hair vibrancy, and make them shine.

Hair Massage With Natural Oils


Aromatherapy includes using essential oils to prevent hair fall and encourage hair growth. Several studies have been lined with using multiple essential oils like rosemary, peppermint, lavender, thyme, and tea tree oil.

The Most Effective 3 Natural Oils for Hair Loss and Growth

However, with essential oils, it’s always better to do a patch test first. This is to find out if you get any allergic reactions from using essential oils. If everything goes well, continue using essential oils as home remedies for hair fall.


Hair Masks as Hair Fall Remedies

Most popular hair masks used as natural remedies for hair loss are made from eggs. The best part is that you can make them at home, apply them comfortably, and achieve good results.

Eggs are rich in protein, which can help your hair grow stronger, which means less hair loss. It’s easy to make an egg mask at home; after applying, leave it for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash it off.

In addition to eggs, you can also use hair masks made out of banana, yogurt, avocado, strawberry, castor oil, green tea, and vitamin E capsules. Check out the process for making each of these hair masks online and try applying it to the hair.

You may need to try 3-4 combinations before choosing the one hair mask that suits your hair. As one of the less-preached home remedies for hair loss, masks have proven to be an effective treatment option for individuals with all hair types.

Hair Masks

Eating Right Food

The last one of the hair fall treatment at home includes eating the right food and in adequate quantities. The food we eat directly impacts our health, habits, and emotions, hence sometimes weight loss and hair loss are interlinked.

So, excessive hair loss can be attributed to not eating nutritious and fiber-rich food. A great natural treatment for hair loss is eating foods that contribute towards maintaining good hair health.

For instance, you can eat foods rich in protein, iron, zinc, and vitamin E. Foods rich in these nutrients will make your hair stronger, hence reducing hair fall.

You may need to consult a dietician to identify the quantity of each food type to consume in a day.

Eacting right food


Hair loss leads to a frustrating experience and affects the individual’s personality. Following tested and proven natural remedies for hair loss can help you address the problem at hand. That’s not all; it can also improve hair growth and help you regain your confidence and looks.

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