Prince Harry Hair Transplant: The Royal Transformation!

Prince Harry Hair Transplant
Prince Harry, aka Henry Charles Albert David, a prominent member of the Royal family in England, also went through a hair transplant journey. And the Prince Harry hair transplant news had to be the talk of the town.

After all, the British Royal family has always been in the public eye. And the history of male pattern baldness in Prince Harry’s family couldn’t remain hidden for long too.

Let’s explore the journey of Harry hair transplant!

Prince Harry Hair Timeline

Prince Harry was born on September 15, 1984. He is the younger son of Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, and the late Diana, who was Princess of Wales.

Early Years

If you look at the below picture of Harry’s hair as a 19-year-old man back in the day, you cannot see any signs of receding hairline, male pattern baldness, or anything at all!

Prince Harry Hair Transplant

But those years were the only time when Harry’s hair was perfectly fine as, towards his late twenties, things started to get bad.

First Sign of Hair Loss: Mid-20s

You can spot the first significant signs of Harry’s hair loss when he was at the age of 25. His hairline is no longer straight now. You can notice the curved hairline that starts getting thinning at the temples with sharper corners.

Prince Harry Hair Transplant

In his late 20s, Harry gave his speech at the High Commission during a garden party in honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 84th birthday.

And you can notice the more highlighted M-shape hairline during this time.

Prince Harry Hair Transplant

Prince Harry Hair Transplant

His uneven hairline became even more highlighted and visible in 2014-2015.

Here’s a snapshot of the royal prince in 2015. Can you spot the formation of an M-shaped hairline where he lost hair significantly at the corners of his temples?  His hair crown took a more of a significant shape during this year.

Prince Harry Hair Transplant

The rumors about Prince Harry hair transplant began in 2017. You can clearly see his temple hair is no longer aligned with his eyebrows.

Here’s his picture during that time:

Prince Harry Hair Transplant

There is also a bald spot on top of his head as well as at the front. Not to mention, extreme hair thinning causes a dramatic reduction in hair density. The crown hair loss at this stage is at its peak.

Prince Harry Hair Transplant

In 2017, you can see more hair density, and earlier, we spotted not much balding at the front and crown. This can only be possible if he receives a hair transplant treatment.

Here’s how his image after a seemingly hair transplant. You can see less thinning of hair and more density. It seems pretty evident that he had received a hair transplant for receding hairline.

Prince Harry Hair Transplant

Here’s Prince Harry in early 2018, on his royal wedding with Meghan Markle. You can notice there is no baldness at the top or any hair thinning as well. Without men’s hair regrowth treatment, this couldn’t have been possible!

Prince Harry Hair Transplant

There was a rumour that Prince Harry spent more than $70,000 on his hair transplant to regain his young-looking hairline. It also could be an artificial hair transplant surgery.

Falling Out Again:  Post 2020

Even after his rumoured hair transplant in 2017, where his hairline was significantly better with almost no bald path visible, post-2020, we again see his hair falling out progressively.

Prince Harry Hair Transplant

Now, this one is his recent picture where he again seems to have a major fallout in the last few years with a visible bald patch on his head, at the front and top, like before.

Prince Harry Hair Transplant

Prince Harry Hair Transplant: Before And After

Prince Harry, in his teen years, has quite good hair with not much sign of hair loss. Then, in his early 20s, we start to see some change in his hairline, getting distant from his eyebrows a bit.

In the late 20s, it became quite apparent that he was suffering from male pattern baldness that seemingly ran in his royal family.

Prince Harry Hair Transplant

During his 30s, the M-shaped hair was clearly visible, with a light baldness on top of his head and some hair thinning at the front as well.

In 2019, there was a significant improvement in his hair condition with receding hairline and density. It seems to be hair transplant surgery, at least a minor one. However, there was no confirmation or official statement regarding this.

Other Celebrities Who Have Underwent Hair Transplant Surgery

Bradley Cooper

The Hollywood blue-eyed heartthrob actor Bradley Cooper also went for a hair transplant in his early career, right from his The Hangover movie in 2008.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Over the years, Ronaldo, the renowned footballer gone through numerous hairstyles but couldn’t escape male pattern baldness. To regain his younger-looking hairline, he seems to have gone through hair transplant surgery.

Antonio Conte

In the past 20 years, this seasoned football manager has gone through three hair transplants. From baldness to dense black hair, his hair transformation was quite inspiring.

Sylvester Stallone

The iconic Hollywood actor certainly used wigs after his significant hair loss, perhaps due to hormones. And then there are pictures that also clearly show his hairline restored, hinting at a hair transplant.

Prince William

Another celebrity with royal lineage, the Prince of Wales, elder brother of Prince Harry, also lost significant hair over the years. It is clearly due to male pattern baldness in their family. He also seems to have undergone a hair transplant to some degree.

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