Prince William Hair Transplant: Rumors or True?

Prince William
Prince William, like other royal family members suffers from the genetic hair loss passed through generations in his family. He himself addresses his hair loss openly and even makes fun of his receding hairlines at times. However, he never hinted anything about a hair transplant.

So whether Prince William hair transplant is a rumour or actually true is a matter to investigate. We explored Prince William’s hair loss journey from the beginning and figured out whether it was true or indeed a rumour!

Prince William Hair Journey

William, at the age of 13, joined the prestigious Eton College in 1995, where you can see the young prince with dense, long hair.

Prince William Hair Transplant

In his early 20o0s, after graduating from Eton, he took a gap year before starting University. William spent that year as a volunteer with the adventure charity Raleigh International, located in Chile.

He used wooden logs to construct walkways there. At this time, you can notice some very early signs of male pattern baldness. However, still nothing serious so far!

Prince William Hair Transplant

Just at the age of 26, Prince William has major hair loss, not just from both temples but also from the top.

Prince William Hair Transplant

You can clearly see men hair thinning at a significant stage. Just look at him in 2008 when the prince attended Christmas services at St. Mary’s church in Sandringham, England.

Now, see the below picture of Prince William at his wedding in 2011. You can see the bald spot on the top of his head with deeper corners at his temples.

Prince William Hair Transplant

Now, if you catch him at Prince Harry’s wedding in 2018, you can finally see him lost hair completely from the top; only some hair remains on both sides.

Prince William Hair Transplant

From that day to even recently in 2023, that is last year, his hair seems to be the same. There is no sign of Prince William hair transplant to be noticed at all. His hair loss seem consistent over the years with clearly baldness genetic going on with his family.

Prince William Hair Transplant

Prince William Hair Transplant – Is It True?

If you’re wondering whether Prince William hair transplant is just a rumour and not true. Well, it seems like a rumour. Here’s why!

Prince William always has been open about his hair loss. He even makes fun of his receding hairline.

According to experts, Prince William might not be suitable for a hair transplant. Most people respond well to hair transplant surgeries or treatments, even candidates on a Norwood scale of 7 or 8.

With Prince William, the hair loss rate is so rapid that it makes him not fit for hair treatment. Also, we clearly have seen there is no proof or even inkling of his hair surgery over the years. He seems to start losing hair around his mid-20s, and after his early 30s, he is pretty much the same, as with the semi-bald look.

Other Celebrities That Undergone Hair Surgery

Prince Harry

Prince Harry is another royal family member who is rumoured to have undergone hair surgery. However, there has been no substantial proof or confirmation of this.

Joe Swash

The English actor and television presenter Joe Swash went through a hair transplant, a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) process to be particular. His concerns regarding his low self-esteem were one of the main reasons to go for the procedure.

Jamie Foxx

Popular Hollywood actor Jamie Foxx also went through hair surgery. He also underwent a FUE hair transplant procedure where grafts are taken from hair growth locations and relocated to lesser hair growth areas on his scalp.

Brian McFadden

Brian McFadden, the Irish singer, is also known as one of the celebrities to undergo hair surgery where hairs are taken from the back of his shaved scalp and re-implants at the frontal hairline.

Chris Evans 

The famous Hollywood actor known for playing Captain America also seems to fall into the category of celebrities with hair transplants. However, there is no confirmation of this.

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