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Abi was a 24-year-old young lady experiencing severe hair loss when she came to Zestige. Abi described how her hair loss had made her change from being a bubbly, out-going person to a much more withdrawn and introverted person. She no longer attended social gatherings as she could not bear the well-meaning but pointed questions and comments on her hair loss.

Due to the extensive nature of her hair loss as a woman, Abi was apprehensive about what results she can achieve. At Zestige, she was advised she can have a combination FUE/ FUT procedure carried out by our very experienced surgical team. This would ensure maximum coverage.

Abi’s main problem was a lack of hair density through her frontal and mid-scalp regions. For Abi’s hair transplant, the FUT ‘strip’ method was utilised to allow access for a larger number of follicles to be extracted which can then be transplanted in the area of hair loss. The small scar created was hidden within Abi’s hair at the back of her head (which did not require any trimming) and allowed Abi to continue with her normal life after the procedure. The FUE method was also used in combination in Abi’s case to achieve full coverage.

Abi’s Result

When we caught up with Abi 1 year following her procedure, it was a very tearful meeting. Abi was overwhelmed by the positive impact the hair transplant has had on her life. She is able now to style her hair as she wishes and does not feel limited in any way. This has massively boosted her confidence and enabled her to grab more opportunities to live life to the fullest.

Abi said...

“I really trusted the team at Zestige and they fully delivered on what was intended!”

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