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Alastair Williamson

IT consultant

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Alastair Williamson

Alastair Williamson 45, is a very successful IT consultant in digital transformation. After suffering with hair-loss over a couple of decades, Alastair decided to do something to combat one of his life’s biggest demons.

Before contacting Zestige, Alastair went to a heavily marketed clinic who sold him prescriptive medication which had set him back £900 for a year’s supply of medication. After a year, Alastair saw little or no difference in his hair and was extremely frustrated. After being recommended Zestige by his good friend, Alastair enquired in for a consultation.

He had a virtual consultation with a consultant, and an in-person consultation with a surgeon. He also sought consultations with multiple other clinics. He was advised of a FUE Hair Transplant and came to the conclusion that Zestige was the most personable and thorough in their approach.

Alastair Williamson’s hair transplant was carried out in January 2021, and 2348 grafts were transplanted by the FUE procedure to restore his area of baldness.

18 months post surgery, we caught up with Alastair, and he is thrilled with the outcome of his procedure.

Alastair said...

“As cliche as it may sound, it truly has been life-changing. Zestige were extremely professional. The results tell their own story. It’s all very natural”.

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