Grant Hughes

Grant Hughes

Personal Trainer

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Grant Hughes

Grant Hughes is a 40-year-old personal trainer who assists other individuals in opting for healthier lifestyles. Although he is a great mentor and has helped many individuals achieve their goals, he struggled with the appearance of his hair for a substantial time. In addition, his low self-esteem was starting to have a negative impact on his life.

Unfortunately, Grant had almost lost all his hair in the frontal and temporal regions, and the chances of recovery were looking slim. Previously, Grant had gone to other clinics looking for surgery, but he was always informed that his result wouldn’t be successful.

He came across Zestige Private Healthcare via a friend and was desperate for a solution for his hair. At Zestige, we were confident that Grant Hughes’ hair transplant would show an excellent result and planned the procedure.

Our surgical team are highly experienced, with over 30 years of experience between them. We transplanted 2217 grafts without Grant feeling any discomfort.

10 months later, he grew a full head of hair with a new natural hairline. The confidence boost from his hair has allowed Grant to look at life in a new light.

Grant says...

“Thank you, Zestige, for how you changed my life.”

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