Jason Steele

Jason Steele

Professional Footballer

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Jason Steele

Jason Steele is an English, premier league footballer who has captained Brighton and Hove Albion.

He first came to Zestige as a very concerned 23-year-old. He had severe advanced hair loss affecting the front and crown of his head. He was worried about the extent of his hair loss at such a young age and being a young footballer, he was very conscious of this.

At the consultation at Zestige, the focus was on a long-term perspective of his hair loss, to include restoration of all areas with poor density and prevention of further hair loss. As advised to him, Jason Steele’s hair transplant was carried in line with WADA protocols as this is what all athletes must adhere to.

Jason’s Result

Jason underwent an FUE hair transplant in May 2014 and was placed on the Zestige Hair Loss Prevention programme on a long-term basis. This combination allowed him to achieve a full and natural-looking result in the long term.

8 years on, Jason has a solid head of hair and is delighted with the result. Since his hair transplant, Jason has progressed from the ranks of being a Championship player to a Premier League player and even further on to captain Brighton and Hove Albion and thrive as their goalkeeper.

Straight after his procedure, he could see where the hair had been transplanted, giving him an idea of what his hair will look like, and 10 months later, he could see his amazing results.

Jason said...

“The honest and professional approach at Zestige has prevented my hair loss and restored what I had already lost.”

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