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Kal Naismith

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Kal Naismith

Kal Naismith is a professional footballer who is renowned in both England and Scotland. He played for Rangers Football Club and currently plays for Bristol City in the Championship. In May 2021, Kal decided to undergo an extensive hair transplant after suffering with aggressive hair-loss, most particularly, in the frontal half. Kal said his hair-loss really restricted his personality and confidence as a person.

What was important for Kal, is that there was a long-term perspective of his hair related concerns. Having observed that Kal had decent coverage on the back and sides of his scalp, it was important that the density of his transplanted hair married up with the density of the rest of his head.  This was achieved by making sure that each follicle that was transplanted was placed to match the closeness and direction of growth of his native hair.

Kal Naismith’s hair transplant has given him life-changing results, as seen in the photos. This has led to a massive boost in his confidence and to him becoming ‘Championship Player of the year 2021/2022’ as he departed Luton Town FC.

Kal said...

‘I’m absolutely buzzing with my hair! I’ve just played the best season of football. Zestige changed my life. I’m so grateful for the entire team and I have recommended them to all my friends and teammates!’.

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