Suki Johal

Suki Johal

DJ and Businessman

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Suki Johal

Suki is a 52-year-old DJ and businessman. He was very concerned about the severe amount of hair loss he had experienced over the years on his whole scalp. Suki felt his loss was aging him and not allowing him to live life to its full potential.

Suki had very sparse hair over his whole scalp and a receding and irregular hairline. He had heard of hair transplants before but had never thought it was something that he could benefit from until he was recommended to Zestige by a friend.

After coming to Zestige and hearing about the process involved, Suki never looked back. He had an FUE hair transplant in March 2018, where follicles from the back of his head were transplanted at the front to make up for the lack of hair density. This was carried out in a single procedure lasting approximately 7 hours. Throughout the procedure,

Suki was awake and chatting happily to members of the surgical team. He reports that he had a little swelling for a few days after the procedure but no other symptoms or discomfort.

24 months following the transplant, Suki Johal’s hair transplant has shown a fantastic result. He has thick, natural-looking hair throughout his whole scalp that blends with his natural hair and no areas of patchiness. Suki is beyond happy with the outcome and continues with Zestige’s own prescriptive prevention programme to maintain his hair density.


“I mistakenly believed I was too old for a hair transplant but the team at Zestige made me understand this was not the case. My life has been transformed by my decision to have a hair transplant”.

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