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Planning Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey? You May Reconsider Your Choice After Reading this

According to the audit conducted by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons in 2021, all cases of post-op problems were experienced by patients who had travelled to Turkey for their treatments. Read on to discover why the United Kingdom should be your first option for hair transplants.

The cheaper cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is a major factor in the country’s rapid rise to prominence as a surgical tourism hotspot. People often look at hair transplantation and simply consider the cost, but before making a decision to fly to Turkey for the procedure, it is vital to consider the concerns and potential issues that could arise.

Turkey Hair Transplant: What Can Go Wrong?

A Lack of Regulation 

The hair transplant industry continues to be very lightly regulated in Turkey. There have been cases in Turkish clinics where hair transplants are performed by nurses or technicians rather than experienced doctors.

Clinics and institutions in the United Kingdom must either be licenced with the government as “professional clinics” or comply with the stringent standards set by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Unlike in the United Kingdom, where you can easily discover all the information you need to judge whether or not a clinic is trustworthy, in many other countries, like Turkey, there is no such governing organisation.

The Risks Outweigh the Cost

The lower-priced hair transplants in Turkey come with many clear concerns, such as an increased chance of infection, lower-quality results, and a language barrier. Some individuals do not take into account the fact that the donor hair follicle region might sustain significant damage, making future corrective treatment unlikely.

The absence of rules in Turkey means that the instruments used might be excessively forceful and destructive. When the donor region is not cared for correctly and if the extraction of follicles is excessively hard, this results in scarring and frequently leads to scarring that renders any corrective therapy difficult owing to the very small number of healthy donor follicles remaining.

Only a competent, highly trained UK doctor will do your hair implantation at Zestige, ensuring that you get excellent results that appear completely natural and leave no scars. To know about hair transplant cost in London, get in touch with us today.

Would You Be Willing to Make Repeated Trips to Turkey if the Treatment Wasn’t Successful?

It will be difficult for the patient to see the clinic or technicians in the event of a hair transplant emergency after they return home from Turkey. As a consequence, patients will have to undergo additional, costly treatments to get the desired outcome. A clinic in the UK will always be available for in-person consultations and further treatments if you are not satisfied with the outcomes.

The Importance of Aftercare and recovery

The complete benefits of a hair transplant may take from 12-18 months to become visible. You may want assistance and guidance at this time, particularly if you are concerned about infection or shedding. Therefore, accessing aftercare and support services may be more challenging if your clinic is located in Turkey.

Why Should you Think Twice Before Getting a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Insufficient Qualified Staff 

Not all hair restoration operations are conducted by board-certified physicians with the necessary expertise and experience to manage any issues that may arise following surgery.

Obsolete Technology

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey are often cost-conscious and lack access to the most advanced hair restoration techniques.

Substandard Methods

Countries like Turkey are not held to the same medical standards as the United Kingdom, thus patients should be aware that surgical facilities in these countries may not adhere to the same hygienic requirements and regulations as those in the UK.

Lack of Access to Individual Consultation

When conducting the first consultation visit, it is common to practise making use of images of the patient’s scalp. It is not always possible to have an in-person consultation for a hair transplant in Turkey, during which the patient may have the specialist inspect them and ask any questions they have in a one-on-one situation.

Getting a Hair Transplant in the UK

Patients on a tighter budget may find that a hair transplant in Turkey is a great option. It may save money, but it comes with risks that are not worth the savings. Unregulated clinics put you in danger of infection, which may become life-threatening if ignored, and at best, your hair transplant might fail.

Hair Transplant facilities in the United Kingdom are often more costly in comparison, but they provide patients with better peace of mind. If you are unhappy with the outcomes of your surgery, it is simple to schedule a follow-up appointment. Get in touch with our Zestige hair transplant specialists if you have any questions regarding the cost of a hair transplant in the United Kingdom.

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