Widows Peak Hairline Everything You Need To Know About

Widows Peak Hairline
Widows peak is a peculiar hairstyle that gets its name from a 18th century practice where widows wore a particular hat of the same style. Anyone starting to develop the widows peak hairstyle must take quick action and prevent it from causing further damage.

Several people with this hairstyle opt for widow peak hair transplant, all for good reasons. In men, the starting of the widow’s peak indicates baldness; hence swift action plus some coping strategies are needed.

Read on to know more about widows peak hairline and its treatment with transplant.

widows peak hairline

What is Widows Peak Hairline and its Causes?

The widows peak hairline has a distinctive hairline “V” type shape. It’s a rare hairline type caused by a genetic trait leading to a distinctive hairline. You can know about the onset of this hairline by looking at the middle of the forehead.

The hairline creates a “V” shape in the middle of the forehead creating a clear difference mature hairline vs receding. This type of mens hairline growth rounds off at the temples going towards the side of the head.

Among the causes of widows are;

  • Aarskog Syndrome: a rare genetic condition manifesting into multiple physical abnormalities, including a widows peak.
  • Donnai-Barrow Syndrome: A genetic condition that affects facial features, including the hairline.
  • Frontonasal Dysplasia: This is also a genetic condition that affects the face and hairline.

It’s important to take swift action upon first notice of this condition. While there are other ways to combat widows peak hairline, a hair transplant is often considered as the last step.

 hairline creates a “V” shape

Widows Peak Hair Transplant | Does it Work?

Three types of hair transplant can fix a widows peak hairline;

  1. Follicular Unit Excision (FUE)
  2. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  3. Stem Cell Hair Transplant

FUE and FUT techniques along with biofibre hair transplant can correct the issue completely, and the stem cell hair transplant re-aligns the hairline. In FUT and FUE, professionals add new hair to the scalp to correct the anomalies and baldness caused by widow’s peak.

New hair is added to the scalp, fixing the hairline and giving a synonymous appearance. In FUE, doctors extract hair follicles from the back of the head and insert into the recipient location, which is on either side of the widow’s peak hairline.

In FUT, a single strip is cut from the back of the scalp and stitched up at the recipient location. The strip is cut into pieces and set in the recipient location. For each method, ensure to consult a surgeon and understand the pros and cons of each.

How Much Will it Cost to Get Widows Peak Hair Transplant?

The hair transplant cost to resolve widows peak depends on the extent of damage the hairline has done to the scalp. In FUE and FUT methods, hair grafts are extracted and replaced in the affected area.

Therefore, when more hair grafts are required, the cost will be more. The cost for a small-level hair transplant to fix the issue generally required 500 to 1000 grafts. A small-level surgery will cost around $3800 to $6300.

A high-level hair transplant surgery where the number of grafts ranges between 1000 to 1700, the costs may vary between $6400 to $8800.

In addition to the type of surgery, the cost can also vary according to the location. Hair transplant surgery is significantly cheaper in Turkey than in the USA, the UK, Canada, etc.

Some research on the potential costs, benefits, doctors, and clinics in the country and other nations will be beneficial.

Widows Peak Hair Transplant

Is There Another Way to Get Rid of Widows Peak?

There are several ways augment hair regrowth, including;

Hair Growth Products

Hair growth products work well at the onset of widow’s peak and balding. However, do good research before choosing the products, as not all products are made with sustainable and health-friendly materials. Plus, prefer buying the ones that have natural ingredients to minimize any sort of chemical reactions.

Take Vitamins

One of the best home remedies for hair growth in men is taking vitamins and minerals. To encourage sebum production and hair growth, go for Vitamin A.

Add Vitamin D to your diet, as its deficiency has been linked with early hair loss. In addition to these vitamins, take B vitamins as they are beneficial for hair, skin, and nails.

Change Hairstyle

Ask your barber about the hairstyles that can hide the diverted hairline. Moreover, men can try slick backs, undercuts, quiffs, and old pompadour hairstyles to hide the hairline.

Women can go for a sleek or pulled-back pony parted from the middle to hide their hairline.

Change Hairstyle

Last Resort – Shave it Off

For those who are not comfortable with any of the options above, they can shave the head and keep it that way. Hence, there won’t be a hassle maintaining the hair, and the crooked hairline will go away.


A widows peak hairline is not an ideal hairstyle to have but the onset of this hairline is not in anyone’s control as well. However, you can prevent the crooked hairline from smudging your personality and ruining your confidence.

A widows peak hair transplant is one of the best options to get rid of this hairline. It addresses the issue at hand and results in a fully grown hairline so that you can get the hairstyle you want without any issues.

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