Our Expertise

Zestige surgeons have been helping people refine and enhance their natural body through cosmetic procedures since 1997.

Based in our state of the art private clinic in Harley Street, we have been pioneering developments in minimally invasive cosmetic surgery for over 30 years. We are acknowledged as specialists in face, body and hair procedures.

Our innovative techniques have enabled thousands of people to benefit from cosmetic treatments that deliver results at the same time as ensuring that the transition can go unnoticed.

Not only are our surgeons UK based and specialists in their field, many sit on the Board of medical councils and are teachers and trainers of the next generation of cosmetic practitioners.


A good-looking body gives pleasure to the senses

Achieve your ideal figure and feel confident in your body. Many of us strive for our ideal figure – even with exercise and diet, the results aren’t always so simple. Whether you’re looking for breast augmentation, implants or a tummy tuck, we’ll guide and advise you through the whole process and help you feel better about your body.

  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Improve figure, toning and posture
  • Create long-lasting physical symmetry
  • Correct unwanted changes to your body
  • Regain a youthful figure


Confidence for the perfect first impression

Feel confident about your first impression. Research has shown that your facial features are central to your first impression. Enhance your look and, more importantly, your confidence with innovative treatments including Botox and fillers, beard restoration, eyebrow restoration, facelift and rhinoplasty. Hide imperfections and be confident that you look as young as you feel.

  • Boost your day-to-day confidence
  • Increase your self esteem
  • Improve facial contour
  • Hide imperfections
  • Rejuvenate your skin


The hair that you've always wished for

Zestige hair restorative procedures have one goal – to create a natural head of hair that will improve your day-to-day confidence. The procedures are minimally invasive and carried out under local anaesthetic. After the hair restoration procedure, you will be able to colour, cut and create the hairstyle you desire.

  • Eliminate balding
  • Extremely natural-looking
  • Low maintenance
  • Even distribution
  • Simple, cost-effective process